Selling a Diamond  Premium paid for 3ct and larger

We`ve detailed how easy it is to deal with Large Diamond Buyers Boca Raton on our contact page  However, below we have provided some answers to frequently asked questions about getting the most value when you sell your diamond.

 If I have an much of the appraised value is my diamond worth?

Appraisals are usually evaluated by a specialist for insurance  purposes. And, to some extent,they usually are over inflated and  they represent one appraisers opinion of the diamond. They actual cash value which we will offer you will likely differ from the appraised value.


2ct up to $40000

3ct up to $60000

4ct up to $150.000

5ct up to $200.000

over 5ct - 20 ct  $

 Does a certified Diamond sell for more than a non-certified diamond?

Certification can be very important in the diamond buying process,such as GIA or EGL certified  and im most cases it does  increase the value of a diamond.for the simple reason that the grade quality is accurate and as u know value of a diamond is strictly by the grade quality

 How long does it take to receive my payment?

Our professional diamond buyers are authorized to make on-the-spot cash transactions. You`ll receive payment immediately, on the spot If your out of the are contact us to find out what the speediest payment method available will be.

 Would my diamond be worth more if I obtained a certification for it?

Generally, no. A certification does not change the diamond`s characteristics,however because we will pay based on quality and grade, there will be no mistake or dispute of opinion in the quality grading process. Thus, most certifications place  a maximum value, but may not be accurate at the time of sale our buyers will do their own expert evaluation, and try to give the highest possible appraisal. and make a reasonable cash offer

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